Thursday, October 23, 2014

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Quite Rightly.
I'm making a doily I've made before and loved.
I gave the other one away so I'm keeping this one for myself.
The yellow is not quite as harsh as it shows here.
It's more pastel and mellow than it looks.

Other than that, I gots nothin'.

I made a big pan of baked spaghetti yesterday, which I've showed pictures of a million times here in the past. We really love spaghetti. Then I made another Sour Cream Apple Pie this morning at the Captain's request...

I doubled the topping this time.
This was before I baked it.
It's not such a pretty pie once it's baked...

But it sure does taste good!

I think it's the sweet, eggy, sour cream filling that's made it our favorite apple pie recipe now. It's best at room temperature after it cools, but it has to be refrigerated after that.

Fletch steals my desk chair every single time I get up. Sometimes we can't find him anywhere in the house, and he's here sleeping. We've learned to look here first.

Yikes! That's quite a face to take a close-up of.

Sweet Sammi. She's getting so gray. Remember when she was younger and her face was all black? You don't?  Well...

Wow. I was shocked when I went back and found this picture. No, Sammi! Don't get old and leave me! Ah well. When she does, I know that I've given her a life of a princess. She's been spoiled and loved and adored and cuddled and cherished, and she's given me the same in return. Here's to a few more years of happiness and health with you, my Sammi Girl.

Now that I've made myself cry...what else can I do to waste time and avoid working?  Hmm...

Oh my gosh...look at Eli!
GAH! He was a tiny little fur ball!

Okay, enough of memory lane. I know it's only fun for me.
I guess I have to work.

See ya.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Other People's Stuff

Credit:  HERE

Credit:  HERE

 Credit:  HERE

From Flickr 

From Flickr

Credit and Dutch Pattern:  HERE

Credit:  HERE

Credit:  HERE

Prettiest Cat Ever:  Credit HERE

See ya.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nature and Nurture

 Oh My!
Homemade Apple Turnovers? 

Pammy Sue, you've outdone yourself.
Well, not really.

And icing too?!
Don't be too impressed...

But do get some of these next time you're at the store.
They have cherry too.

Perfect for a Sunday morning.
I doctored mine by putting sugar and cinnamon on top before baking.

And yesterday...

I made our favorite potato salad with ham, boiled eggs, green onion, and mayo.

And the final touch...lots of Hungarian Paprika.
Put a serving on a plate with some pretzel sticks.
They go perfect together.

And finally...

Today is my momma's 79th birthday.
Happy Birthday, Momma.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Doily Finished!

Two more dogs from the collection...
The police dogs my momma gave me.

Pattern:  August Doily by Patricia Kristoffersen, A Year of Doilies Book 4
Thread:  Aunt Lydia's #10 in Natural
Hook:  Size 2.0 mm
Size:  After blocking, 21 inches
Satisfaction:  LOVE IT! Totally worth all the trouble, although I didn't think so at the time. I'm so glad I challenged myself to do this one even though I was a little afraid of it. I think this is my favorite doily EVER so far. It makes me want to try more of her patterns, and I hope it does the same for you. Those of you who are still working on yours are probably rolling your eyes right now and saying NEVER AGAIN, but you'll see when you're finished. I found myself smiling and grinning my ass off while taking pictures of it to share!

Thanks to all of you who are making this with me. It made it much more fun knowing I had friends doing the same thing and struggling through the same stitches I was. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your doilies!

Have a good weekend!
See ya.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Morn

My Brother-in-Law sent me this pic from Green Bay, Wisconsin this morning.
Taken with his phone.
So pretty!

I made chili in the crockpot on Tuesday.
It was even better left over for dinner last night.
We have just enough left to serve over cheese omelets tonight.
That's almost always how we eat the last of it.

I'm obsessed with these chips. So much so, that I can't buy them anymore. I have ZERO control of myself when they are around. I've probably gained 15 pounds just from eating these with wild abandon late at night. MUST STOP.

I've tried the Cappuccino flavored ones because the Captain bought a bag a while back. They were good once you got over the shock of a sweet potato chip. They were okay as a snack, but I wouldn't eat them with a sandwich. I won't buy them again. 

This online yarn shop has some good-looking yarn at reasonable prices. I went there and requested a catalog after Meredith of Mereknits posted about it a while back. Check it out: Willow Yarns

Another Doily-Along participant has finished her doily!
Oooo! So pretty, Penny!

I can't wait to see all the others. Y'all be sure and send me pictures of your finished doily so I can post them.

There were a couple of people who said they wanted to participate in the comments and wanted the pattern, but you left me no email address and your name wasn't linked to any contact information. If you're still interested (and you should be!), send me another comment with your email!

I'm getting very excited to finish mine. I'm working on the LAST row! After I block it, I'll be getting pictures later today. I'll reveal it tomorrow...  Yay!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doily Round 16 Help

If you need it, here is some help with Round 16:

FPtr - Front Post Treble

The first part of your Split FPtr goes around the first dc of the 5-dc group, and the second half of the Split FPtr goes around the last dc in the same 5-dc group. Upon completion of the Split FPtr, you will have what looks like an upside-down V.

The 4 dc are made as follows:  Make a dc in each of the last two dc of first 5-dc group (behind the sfpt you just made), and then make a dc in each of the first two dc of the next 5-dc group.  Those are your 4 DCs.

For anyone wondering, yes, the doily will ripple slightly. Mine is rippling and both of the ones I've seen finished are slightly rippled also.

Does anybody else have any questions?  Feel free to ask!  That's part of participating in a Doily-Along.  Ask and share!  

I'm just started Round 32.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Doily Tip Round 28


Grab you some.

It's been a busy day already.

I cleaned the porch...swept it and bagged up all the leaves and junk.

The bird feeder is empty.
Need to fill-er-up.

We have one last hanger-on in the Crepe Myrtle.

Leaves from everyone else's trees are starting to turn and blow into the yard.

My house is full of men installing the new air conditioner and heater.
All of their names start with an "A."
Able, Alfredo, Alex, and another one I can't remember.
The dogs are freaked out.
We already had one escapee that ran down the street and had to be hauled home.

Now about that doily...

I should have done this earlier on some of the previous complicated rounds, but I didn't. If anyone has any trouble and would like some help on any of the rounds, please ask. I'll do my best to explain to you what I did.

On Round 28 where I have it circled in red above, you will have a hell of a time making that dc in the space indicated. Don't even try it the normal way.  This is what you should do:

Working in FRONT of the dc you just made the picot in, make a dc in the closest sc to the right (right next to your dc) but put your hook in from BACK to FRONT to make the dc. Your hook slips right in and you won't have to struggle like you would if you made a normal dc, and it looks good.

I hope that makes sense.  At this point, we are getting to the tough part. It's tough because it seems to take forever to make one round because there are so many stitches, but you have to just push through. Don't think about it...just do it. Show yourself you can do it. You'll be so happy that you did, and you won't even remember how tough it seems right now. You'd be crocheting on something anyway, right?