Monday, August 03, 2015

Biking the Town

We've spent a lot of time lately on our bicycles. We get on them early in the morning while it's still really cool and ride all around town. The other day one of the locals told us where to go to find some paths that lead directly down on the river so we decided to give that a try yesterday morning. It's just across the railroad tracks and to the left of Ken. You can  make it out if you look closely. After we walked it a ways and decided it was safe to try and ride our bikes down that way, we carried them across the tracks and hopped on.

This is what we found at the other end. It's a nice little swimming hole, complete with chairs for ass-sitting and relaxing. I love to wade in the water, so that's what I did.

We rode our bikes over that bridge in the background the other day.
It was amazing! I let go of my handlebars at one point and shouted, "I'm so happy!"
And it's true. I am.

I feel like 1,000 lbs have been lifted off my shoulders this past month. I've let go of all the bad feelings and hopes for a "normal" family that I've held onto for years. I really let it go, and I can feel it to the core of my soul! I wasted so much of my life these past few years being depressed and sad about it all. I'm DONE! Sometimes wounds are too deep to ever be fixed or completely heal. I've been the cause of some of those wounds to other people myself, and I hope those people can learn to let it go too. You don't have to forgive me. You don't have to keep trying. You cannot make people be the way you want, and they cannot make you be the way they want either. Sometimes you just have to let go and move on if you can't accept it. I still love deeply, but I don't have to live in the middle of it anymore.

Good lord, how did I get onto all that mess?

Teresa, this next photo is for you!

I knew some day I would be standing with my feet in the Columbia River!
I knew it! I knew it!
And here I am.

After we left the river, we decided to go explore the back of our property. This is the road that runs along the back. Our property line is on the left where all the trees are. There are about 50 feet of trees back there.

As we were just riding up, our neighbor on the backside pulled out of his property. His name is Sonny. We chatted for quite a while and he gave us some directions to some different places to explore across the river. There are some lakes up there! I had no idea, but I can't wait to go see them.

As we stood there talking, a doe and her fawn came walking out of the trees. I missed getting a picture of them. So sweet! And then this family of turkeys came walking through. Momma and more of her babies had already gone into the trees.

As you get to the end of that road, on the right side are where three horses live. I walked onto that property to meet them up close. A man named Joe owns these horses, but we haven't met him yet. I hope he doesn't mind me walking over there and talking and petting his horses. I love talking to horses. They kind of scare me, though. They are so big and powerful! They really seem to love being talked to. 

This one I called Freckles for the obvious reason.
She wouldn't get close enough for me to pet her.
I bet she will in time. I'm going to take them some of the pears and apples from our orchard next time I go. They will learn to LOVE it when they see me coming!

The red one was really friendly and walked right up to me.
He stood there the whole time and let me pet his nose and scratch his neck and ears.
I promised him those apples and maybe a sugar cube or two.

A pretty quilt for sale.
(Only $695! You know you want it.)

We stopped in at Tony's for a drink. We looked through the little hippy-dippy store inside the store where the Big Bitch works. She wasn't there. (Oh darn!) I really shouldn't call her that. It might stick, and she might not really be a Big Bitch after I get to know her. First impressions can come back to haunt you, people! Anyway...

Look at this cool swing.

There were at least 10-12 hand-made shopping bags like this hanging there for $7 each. I bought this Buddha one. You know I can't resist a Buddha anything.

And I bought this cookbook written by a local woman, Jo Ann Bender.
I've since learned that this is the third one in a series. I'll have to look for the other two. She's also written a few novels. You can see some of them on Amazon HERE if you're interested.

I think I showed y'all this picture of a Quinoa Salad I made the other day, didn't I? I can't remember. But I wanted to share the recipe link with you because it is really good. It has been even better since it has sat in the fridge. Here it is all decked out with some extras (the pear tomatoes, some feta, and some chopped cashews), but it's just as good without those extras in it. The avocado makes it really good, though. Don't leave those out! They stay nice and green too since the dressing has lemon juice in it.

I got the recipe link from Alicia over at Posie Gets Cozy. It's one of favorite blogs. I love going there and seeing her pictures and her adorable daughter. That's the prettiest baby I've ever seen! I'm always trying her recipes too. The recipe for the Quinoa Salad she linked to is HERE. She also linked to another recipe in that blog entry that I'm trying today. It's the Spaghetti & Sausage with Peas recipe HERE. I'm adding the peas like she did. She's also the author of one of my favorite patterns ever, the Tiramisu Blanket pattern on Ravelry. It's a freebie and makes a beautiful baby blanket for a gift. 

It's time for a short bike ride, and then we're going exploring up the mountains on the other side of the river. We're going to find that lake!

See ya.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Gone Exploring

I'm exactly at the half-way point with my shawl.
It's more of a scarf, really.
I'll be crocheting more on it today during the race.

We were gone nearly all day yesterday exploring the area. It was Ken's birthday, so we made a day of it.

We ate breakfast and dinner here at the Mustang Grill.
It's the only restaurant in town for the moment.
There's another place opening up this month sometime.

First we drove down one side of the river to the little town of Kettle Falls. We did some antique shopping here. We didn't buy anything though. Look at all the thread and yarn and crochet and knit stuff! I'll have to come back and do some serious shopping. I kept having hot flashes and was just too miserable to shop and pick anything out. I did almost buy some lace curtains I found. I guess they're my latest obsession.

While we were in town, I saw a little sign that said "U-Pick Corn." I became obsessed with that little sign and with picking some corn, so off we went looking for the place. The directions were scarce. We just kept driving until we saw another sign. Deeper and deeper into the countryside we drove.

Finally, we found it! This little homestead was amazing! The gardens were unbelievable. Take a look for yourself...

If this little place doesn't inspire you to get outside and plant some things around your house, nothing will! I knocked on the door of the house and talked to the lady that lived there. I wasn't sure how the whole "U-Pick" thing worked, so I asked her if we just went over to the field and picked or what. She said there was a box over there to place your money in (4 ears for $1). There were signs that told you where to pick. The field is planted in sections so that different sections ripen at different times. I thanked her and told her how gorgeous her yard was, then we drove next door to the corn field.

Funny story! Here we go.

So we drove over to the field and parked. I was engrossed in reading all the little signs around the money box that told about the field and how to cook the corn or prepare it for freezing, etc. Ken went ahead of me into the field and I followed. Being in a corn field kind of gave me a creepy feeling. I'm not sure why, other than it was a really remote place. After we got a good ways into the field, I suddenly heard something behind me. I whirled around and there was this big bearded guy in a sleeveless shirt directly behind me! I screamed and started to turn and run. This guy really scared the shit out of me! Ken hollered, "Pam! He's just here to pick corn! Didn't you see him drive up?" Well, apparently I did not. I was sure Billy Bob Slingblade was after us to kill us in the cornfield! When I screamed, he jumped back and his eyes got big as saucers. He said I scared him way more than he scared me, and he was happy we were just going to pick corn instead of calling 911 for him. We laughed about that all day.

We did finally pick our corn (my first corn-picking ever!) and left. We only got 8 ears this time, but we'll be going back so I can pick some to cut off the cob and freeze. The lady said they were also going to have blackberries, tomatoes, and a few other things to sell soon.

Here's the birthday boy with our corn.
Happy Birthday, Baby!

We left Kettle Falls and crossed the Columbia River and came back home up the other side. The views were spectacular!

I never tire of the views these mountains and the River provide.
I hope you don't either!

When we got back home, we had about an hour before the Mustang Grill started serving dinner. We had planned to go back there and eat dinner for Ken's birthday. Saturday is the only day they are opened for dinner. Usually it's just breakfast and lunch and they're closed by 2:30.

We had steak salads with blue cheese crumbles, boiled eggs, tomatoes, caramelized purple onions, and candied pecans. Then for dessert, we split a piece of apple pie ala mode! It was all really good. We were stuffed and a little bit sick after eating. We had to come home and lie down for a while.

What a perfect day!
See ya.