Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I bought a Tupperware jello mold on because I didn't have one. I could have used my Bundt pan, but I wanted the real thing this time. I couldn't wait to get it and try it out. It was on the porch yesterday.

And I made a Jello Salad!
You didn't see that coming, did you?

 How many ways can you photograph a molded Jello salad?

I don't know, but it's pretty, isn't it?

It tastes good too.
You can find the recipe HERE (scroll, scroll, scroll)
Thank you, Janice and Janice's Mama.

What else can I photograph all day long?

Contentedly watching...

Two seconds later, Ollie jumped up and grabbed Fletch's leg...

Play hard or go home.

 Sammi looks so serious all the time.
I wonder what she's thinking a lot, because she IS thinking.

Ollie will get you if you come in his yard...

I like bacon.

And always birds...

Nesting and protecting...

The sun feels good on my back.

I wish I could fly; I wish I could touch the sky...

  1. I had no intention of buying yarn yesterday, but what did I do?  I ordered some yarn.
  2. And then today I bought a pattern to make with it.
  3. I swear I'm going to crochet those blue squares together first...maybe today...for real.
  4. No sooner had I started this list when the Cap asked me to make lunch.  I'm making some hamburger hash.  The recipe is HERE.  He loves it.  I do too.
  5. So I guess I gotta go.
  6. Random Words coming up next all my words aren't random.
  7. See ya.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oval Lace

Pattern:  Oval Lace Doily, free pattern graph HERE.
Size:  21" x 12.5"
Thread:  One 50g ball of #10 DMC in #437
Hook:  Size 2.0 mm
Satisfaction Level:  Happy, happy, happy!
Tip:  Pay special attention to stitch placement on ends on rounds 14 & 15.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Sunday Drive

I took a drive all by my lonesome yesterday, and it was really nice.

I came across these two horses, but they wouldn't let me get very close. That brown one appears to be blind in one eye, or at least that eye is blue and the other one is brown. It makes him look spooked all the time.

This big house appeared abandoned. I wanted to go inside badly, but I decided I'd break my leg jumping the fence and decided against it. Twenty years ago, I'd have gone in. I'm smarter now.

The obligatory old red barn.

I moved on down the road...

To a muddy creek.

The water on the other side of the bridge was clear.

The road to nowhere. Again, I wanted to go see what was there, but I didn't.

On the way home, I stopped at the dog park to see who was there.

Friends were made.

This guy (Darby) kept hanging around me the whole time.

I think he liked having his picture taken.

There wasn't that many dogs there, probably because it was so hot. I was wet with sweat and red-faced and ready to go home.

Once I got home, I cooled off, took a shower, changed my clothes (into my jammies at 3:00), and took a nice nap in my dark, cold bedroom. I love my bedroom. Then I worked on this doily for three hours in the evening while watching true MURDER stories on the TV (Dateline or something). I'm putting the edging on tonight and can't wait to show you.

See ya!