Friday, February 05, 2016

Desserts, Snow, and Dogs

Fudge Truffle Cheesecake

I prefer to call it Golden Girls Cheesecake

I've been watching too many episodes of Golden Girls lately. If you're familiar, you know they're always eating chocolate cheesecakes, plain cheesecakes, ice cream, and having a good ol time around the kitchen table. I looked for a chocolate cheesecake recipe one night on my phone while watching them eat theirs. A very thin sliver is all you need because it's so rich. That means we'll probably finish this sometime in March. Haha. But it's good, and if you fancy trying it yourself, the recipe is HERE.

Before I get off of food, I wanted to share this recipe I found in an old magazine. I haven't tried it, but it looks simple and good...

Lemon Clouds



 The snow was all but gone when we got another 3 inches night before last...

 The dogs do a dash to go potty and rush back in.
They're not much for the snow unless we're out there playing with them.

You may have noticed the canopy thing in my pictures over the winter. We put this up right before the snow started in December so the dogs would have a dry and level place to do their business. It works like a charm, but they still prefer to go way out into the snow, even when it's chest high or more. Ollie uses it more than any of the others, I suppose because he's the smallest and the deep snow is more of a problem for him.

I got the quilts I ordered for the upstairs bedroom and now I have ordered some ruffly curtains for up there. There are two more windows to cover, one on the door that leads to the attic and one that leads out of the bedroom to the stairs. I think we'll just put some bamboo shades in those windows, but I'm not sure. I don't know why there are doors with windows up there in the first place. I don't think they are original to the house, although they are old enough. Anyway, it's coming along still.

I watched two episodes of a new show on A&E the other night and found it very inspirational. It's called "Fit to Fat to Fit." It's about super-fit personal trainers who take four months to gain as much weight as they can and quit exercising. Then they help a client lose a large amount of weight and do it right along with them. It's interesting to watch somebody so fit eat tons of horrible-for-you foods and slowly (or not so slowly) get fat. Watching their struggle to lose it is interesting too. I still think it's easier for them, but it sure does give them a reality check as to what their clients go through when trying to lose weight and get fit. Check it out if you're interested.

Janie's eyes continue to improve. They're still clouded over, but the ulcer has healed and her eyes aren't as red and bulbous and painful looking as they used to be. I'm happy to know she must be more comfortable even though she can't see anything but shadows.


Eli - he needs a hair-brushing.

That's it this time.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

My Feet

 My feet took me all over town today...
Let's go!

To Town Hall to pay our water bill...

Down a block to the second-hand store...

I got these peachy-colored curtains for the kitchen...

I got this Norman Rockwell plate for the wall in the upstairs bedroom.
It'll go well with all the other vintage decor I'm using...

Speaking of that bedroom, here's a little sneak-peek so far...

Yes, I left the mustard ceilings. Ugh.
It'll just have to do for now.

The nightstand and lamp are NOT what's staying up there.
I just wanted you to see the beds.

I ordered the quilts for them. They'll be here tomorrow. I think I know what curtains I want, but I'm going to wait until I see the quilts in person before I decide. I'm going to also get a rug to lay between the beds. And, of course, the walls have not been decorated yet with pictures and mirrors and plates and whatnot. More to come. I'll show you the "before" pictures too.

Keep walking, feet!

We walked all the way to the other end of town.
My feet were taking me to my favorite spot on Earth...
(You must click on these photos to get the biggest, bestest view!)

Ah, the River!
See the little island jutting out with the tree on it?
My favorite spot to sit EVER.

Yep, definitely my favorite spot.
I could sit on these rocks under this tree for hours on end.

Turning my body and looking the other direction up the river.
Two guys are fishing on the end there.

I stacked some rocks. I always do that.

Look how small that stack of rocks actually is there next to Ken's foot.
They looked huge in the first picture, didn't they?

I smelled the clean air as we turned to go back home...

We walked passed the tavern...

Stopped in at the grocery store and picked up a couple of things...

I heard the jet coming, but he stopped short of town and turned around.
He was much higher than normal too.
Darn! Missed him again!

Our house came into view and I was happy to be home.

Thanks, feet.

Pammy Sue

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Latest Goings On

Remember those little thread flowers I made a while back? I had such big plans for them. I was making little handmade Valentines to mail to a few of my blog friends, and I had even bought the cards to go with them. With my hand suddenly arthritic and swollen, I just won't be able to complete the project, and I'm really disappointed. I think I will send them anyway when I'm able to crochet again. Who cares if they don't make it in the mail before a certain date? Anyway, they're sitting on my crochet table and will be there when I can finish them. I'll just go with the flow.

I found this big gold mirror in a thrift store yesterday. I was surprised to see it marked for only $9.99. It's perfect for the upstairs bedroom we're redecorating! Yay! (I guess I could have cleaned it before I took a photo!)

Oh my gosh, these are so GOOD!
If you see them and want a treat, grab them.
You can smell the maple through the package.
I keep going to the kitchen and sticking my nose them and inhaling.

We give each of the dogs a turn at going with us in the car when we go into town to run errands. Yesterday was Sammi's turn. She was sitting in my lap and just suddenly leaped onto the dashboard. She'd never done that before so it was quite a surprise. She seemed happy to ride there for a while and then got bored with it and jumped back onto my lap.

I made some fresh pico de gallo this morning.
It reminded me of spring and fresh!

I'm serving it over baked chicken breasts for dinner.

Speaking of fresh, I saw a small pile of cantaloupe at the grocery store when we were in town yesterday. I really didn't think they'd be any good given the time of year, but I picked one up and smelled the end of it. I could faintly smell the sweetness of cantaloupe, and I knew it would probably be good so I bought it. Sure enough, it's GREAT! Who knew you could get good cantaloupe this time of year?  

I made these cheese straws using Paula Deen's recipe a couple of days ago. I've always wanted to try making some of these. We did not think they were very good and certainly not worth the time it took rolling the dough and cutting out little rectangles. Very disappointing. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. In the trash they went. Bye-bye calories! I didn't need you anyway.

I got three Rachel Ray magazines at the thrift store too, so I'm sure I'll be trying more new things over the next couple of weeks. A girl has to do something when she can't crochet. 

Ken is upstairs painting over some of the mustard color with more of the brown. I've talked him into NOT re-texturing the walls and just painting them the brown color for now. It's kind of dark up there, but I think it'll be fine and look good with the rest of the decorating and a couple of lamps...nice and cozy. I'm anxious to see how the beds look and how crowded it will be with them in there.

That's the latest from me.
Enjoy your weekend.

Pammy Sue

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fog and Food and Poo and Mustard

 Out my bedroom window.
Most of the snow has melted.

It's been just above freezing every day for a while and no more snow.

 Just fog, fog, and fog.
I live in a Twilight book.


I made beef stew today.

It sure was yummy and there are plenty of leftovers for lunches or dinners later in the week. I haven't made any sweets lately. I've just had a few pieces of Lindt chocolate at night while watching TV, usually The Golden Girls which I've seen every episode of at least 5-6 times. It's comforting and I still like to watch.

When my amaryllis wilted and I was about to throw it out, I noticed there were these little shoots growing at the bottom. I cut off the big stalk with the four dead blooms on it, watered it, and stuck it back up in the kitchen window. The stalks are growing. I hope it grows again and gives me more blooms, but it's not growing as fast as the first time so maybe it won't. I'm keeping an eye on it.

 My snowman collection is still out. I love them.
I usually only keep them out during Christmas,
but I think I'll let them stay out until winter is over.

They make me smile.

Sammi makes me smile too.
She had just crawled out from under the covers and her ears were all wonky.
Sweet girl.

Eli photo-bombed this picture.
It's one of the "before" pictures of the upstairs bedroom we're redoing.
We painted for a day and a half...

And it looks like poo and mustard on the walls!
YUCK! Big fail. good light for a picture, but you get the idea.

It's going to be covered with a lighter beige-ish, tannish color (which was the original plan I should have stuck to!). Ken wants to re-texture the walls before we paint it again. The texture is uneven and ugly as it is, and it just doesn't look good. He went to a store in Canada yesterday and got the supplies. The new bed frames and mattresses were delivered, but we can't put them up or do any decorating until the walls are done.

Stay tuned.

Pammy Sue