Saturday, April 05, 2014

Crochet Pillow Cover

I had a fun time making this yesterday afternoon and this morning.  It's made with a 12-inch round pillow form that Kate (The Garden Bell) made for me almost two years ago now. She gave me three. I have another 12-inch and also a 16-inch one left. I think I'll make another in different colors...

But not before I finish my Nordic Shawl. My arms are sore from crocheting on it this afternoon. It's amazing how long it takes -- hours upon hours -- but I'm enjoying every stitch. I'm gonna take a break and get a shower and make some dinner. I'm pretty sure I can finish the fancy colored part of the shawl if I can crochet again this evening. Then I'll have just four more rows of the basic color and several rounds of edging left to go. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow while watching the race. I'm super-duper happy with my colors this time. I can't wait to show y'all.

One of my neighbors has been cooking all day. I can smell it.  First I smelled something sweet, and then I smelled the definite odor of potatoes and onions frying, and now I can smell some sort of meat with green peppers. I have a great sense of smell. I should have been a perfume-smeller-tester person. I'm sure there's a fancy name for a person who does that for a living. (I just looked it up. They're called perfumers.)  I wonder if smell-testers of other things are also called perfumers? (I just looked it up. They're called Odor Testers.) I could do either of those things, except I might vomit if I had to smell a stranger's armpit or worse. Ew.

How the hell did I get on that subject? I guess it's obvious I don't plan out my blog entries ahead of time. Except for the pictures, I don't know ahead of time what I'm going to say. I just start typing.

Anyway, so I'm outta here. I must attend to my life, insignificant as it may be. Everybody needs a bath and supper. Tootle-oo!