Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Incredible Pictures

I got some incredible pictures yesterday evening while we were out. We were racing to get home before the storm hit...enjoy them!

We had just left Lowe's when I snapped this one.

This is less than a mile from our house looking north.

From the park near our house looking south.

From our front yard looking east.
Yes, we were surrounded!
Our house eaves on the right.

Other side of the front yard looking south.
Our house eaves on the left.

Standing in our back yard looking east.

From the backyard porch.

There's one more picture I want you to see, but I'm going to keep it small because you can see what I'm talking about better.  What do you see??

Move your head back at least three feet from your monitor.
So creepy.
I don't like it AT ALL!

After all the excitement of driving home to beat this storm, we got nadda out of it except some high winds for about 5 minutes or less. No rain. No nothin. And I'm thankful for that.

See ya!