Monday, April 07, 2014

Never-Ending Nordic

This Nordic Shawl is killing me these last few rows. It seems to take forever! I'm just checking in to whine. Woke up with my right arm throbbing in the middle of the night. I know it's from this damn thing. I swear, the rows are longer than a blanket. At least there are no more color changes. Hep me.

I am determined to finish it.
If my arms hold up, it'll be today.
I think a Dr. Pepper will make me feel better.


I bought these at Walmart yesterday.

I'm developing an obsession with succulents after seeing them on someone else's blog (Coco Rose, I think). There are so many neat ways to plant them. Stay tuned.

While I was taking the picture of my succulents in the window, I captured this little Tabby walking between the houses. I'm pretty sure I know why he's lurking around. Are you SURE you want to know why? It's awful...don't read below if you don't want to know something terrible. I'm still traumatized.

Okay, come a little closer... The dogs killed a tiny little cottontail bunny in the backyard yesterday. They not only killed it, they ripped it completely and cleanly in half! GAH! I felt so horrible. His little bunny eyes were open still and his little tongue was sticking out. Ugh. (Be happy I didn't post a picture.) At least it was quick. I picked up each half of him and placed him in a plastic grocery bag. He's in the big garbage bin in the back driveway. I'm sure the cat can smell him. (I put him in there so his momma wouldn't find him. Boo-hoo!)

I hate it when dogs act like the beasts they are! Never forget. They're ALL beasts when it comes right down to it. None of them are exempt from that fact. Poor little bunny.

Just look at that beast cuddling with his daddy.
In all fairness, it wasn't Fletch that did it (surprisingly).
Although I'm sure he would have given the chance.
It was Eli and Janie.

I gotta go get that Dr. Pepper now.

Rest in Peace little bunny.