Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Succulent Love

I added to my collection of plants...

Got the potting soil, moss, river rocks, and pots to put them in...

They all sat on my kitchen windowsill waiting to be re-potted.
Aren't they pretty?

Yesterday I gathered everything up and went out on the back porch to pot.

And I potted...
(My cilantro got into the picture here.)

And potted...

And hung...
(This picture makes my head spin with all the lines.)

And admired...

During all the potting, I lost some leaves.
They're drying out in my kitchen for a few days until I can pot those too.
We'll see if they'll propagate like they're supposed to.
Big word alert.

I'll see what happens with all of these potted plants over the summer. I really hope they live and thrive. I kept three in my kitchen window and all the others will live outside on the porch. Stay tuned.

I rested my arms yesterday and didn't crochet one stitch, but it wasn't easy. I kept eyeballing my shawl and saying, well, maybe just one row! And then I'd stop myself. 

I'm going to stop saying WHEN I'll be done with this thing because it never seems to happen. How long can 7 looooong rows take? It depends on how my arms hold up each day. As I sit here typing, I can feel that they are not completely up to par. Not sure if I'll do any today or not. I'm anxious to start something new, but I don't dare. This WILL be done, inch by inch, by freakin' inch!

Man, I'm whiney! I'm gonna go look at my succulents. I wrote that mainly because I just like saying "succulents." It feels like I'm saying something bad. Hee-hee.

 (I saw you smile!)